Thank you for installing HubbleIQ's Simple Speed Test for Chrome

Want an AI dashboard to go go with that?

Customize your own speed test and monitor the speed and performance of remote devices from your HubbleIQ dashboard.

Try the HubbleIQ SDK in your App

By integrating HubbleIQSDK into your React projects, you gain the ability to monitor key network metrics such as download/upload speeds, latency, packet loss, and much more—directly within your application.

SDK Documentation

HubbleIQ offers much more than just speed testing

✦ Remote Network Performance management

Monitor the internet performance and WiFi quality of your remote users.

✦ Management Dashboard

Manage the digital experience of your remote workforce to supercharge your helpdesk.

✦ Application Performance Monitoring

Detect widespread, regional and user-specific issues with applications and services.

✦ Device performance Monitoring

Identify which laptops and computers are performing slowing, remotely!