Our Team

Our leadership team is made up of experienced senior executives with backgrounds in technology and operations. We are singularly focused on developing and delivering the most innovative DEX platform in the industry.
Belinda Batdorf
Revenue & Growth
Belinda started as a young entrepreneur with an import business in Lusaka, Zambia at the age of 20. After moving to the United States, she had a successful career in selling technology, first working in telecommunications and then IT managed services. Her African background and first-hand understanding of the impact of tech illiteracy gave her the motivation to start a company that helps people to support themselves.
Keyvan Berenjian
Co-Founder, CEO
Product & Strategy
Keyvan’s inspiration for HubbleIQ came after spending years consulting for global internet providers as they struggled to provide tech support to their customers. It became clear that tech support was a human problem, not a technology one, and that empowering people was the only way to effectively solve it.


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Our Mission

It all starts with our simple and user-friendly platform. Our platform allows all team members to self-onboard, eliminating the requirement for a technologist.

The Hubble IQ team then assures your satisfaction and monitors your success, delivering performance updates and making adjustments to your approach as appropriate. The HubbleIQ team is also accessible to help, answering your inquiries and ensuring that you keep on top of digital innovation for remote workers.