The Critical Role of the Internet in Digital Experience Management

In today's digital world, the internet is the backbone of the digital employee and end-user experience. Often taken for granted, we might run a quick speed test and assume everything is fine. However, every aspect of digital experience relies on a healthy internet connection—from the first mile in the cloud to the last mile where the end user is.

Understanding Complexity

Consider the complexity involved when supporting a thousand remote customers, employees, or students. Each of them has a unique path to receive data packets. As our society increasingly depends on latency-sensitive applications—such as generative AI and video streaming—the internet's reliability and quality become paramount. The pandemic highlighted how crucial a robust internet connection is for managing these services.

Beyond the Last Mile

Managing digital experience extends beyond just the last mile. It includes Wi-Fi, the endpoints, and even the proximity of devices to the router. These factors are constantly changing, making it imperative to take the internet seriously when managing digital experience.

HubbleIQs Approach

At HubbleIQ, we started by recognizing the importance of not just analyzing internet speed but understanding the quality and reliability of the entire internet link. This comprehensive analysis spans from the cloud service to the constantly changing endpoint profile. People are mobile, moving from place to place, and supporting these users requires a new approach.

Our method encompasses a thorough network analysis beyond simple speed testing. We also empower users, recognizing them as a critical link in the internet chain that drives service quality. This low-friction approach enables users to articulate their experiences and make the best decisions at the edge, far from the physical and network influence of their support organizations.

Broad Application

This methodology benefits SaaS providers, IT support teams, and any organization that crosses the public domain of the internet. Even without direct management of the internet infrastructure, organizations can still be bound by service level agreements and require reliable support for various reasons.

Discover how HubbleIQ helps you manage your internet differently, ensuring a seamless digital experience for all your users.