PRESS RELEASE: HubbleIQ's Data Analysis Contributes to Major Digital Equity Initiative in Oakland

HubbleIQ's data-driven analysis exposed major internet inequities in Oakland, impacting over a third of residents and hindering education and community development. The company's contribution to a school district study and its advocacy pushed the City of Oakland and the California Public Utilities Commission to acknowledge the urgency of addressing these disparities.

(Oakland, CA – 12/24/23) HubbleIQ, a leading provider of internet speed testing and analysis, is proud to announce its crucial role in a recent digital equity initiative in Oakland. The company's sophisticated technology and analysis were integral in a comprehensive study conducted by the Oakland Unified School District, highlighting significant disparities in internet speeds across the city.

This initiative, covered in The Mercury News, underscores the importance of equitable internet access in modern education and community development. HubbleIQ's data revealed that over a third of tested addresses in Oakland experienced download speeds below the thresholds set by major service providers, demonstrating a pressing need for improved digital infrastructure. Maps, based solely on ISP data, fail to capture the true extent of the digital divide, particularly in cities where affordability issues can prevent many from enjoying online access. This limited scope could lead to inaccurate assessments and ineffective solutions.

Tony Batalla, Head of IT for the City of Oakland, cited these findings in a response to the California Public Utilities Commission, emphasizing the urgency of addressing these inequities. HubbleIQ's contribution has been pivotal in shaping the conversation around digital access and advocating for public investments in high-speed internet infrastructure.

"We are honored to be a part of this significant project," said Keyvan Berenjian (CEO). "Our commitment to digital equity goes beyond providing technology solutions; it is about ensuring that every community has the access they need to thrive in a digital world. HubbleIQ continues to work with various organizations and governments to provide data-driven insights for improving internet connectivity. The company remains at the forefront of advocating for digital inclusivity, demonstrating the power of technology in bridging the digital divide.

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